our mission

our mission is to...

The Mission at Embolden Counseling, PLLC is to provide quality services to everyone in all phases of life. Here we hope to empower, encourage, and transform every person who meets with us. To provide services in a safe, professional, and inviting environment. We will meet you where you are and work with each individual to help you achieve your goals.  We strive to be inclusive and continually challenge and learn about you and ourselves within the world around us. 

our values

our vales are...

Integrity – To be honest with you and ourselves when engaging in therapy.  

Respect – Respect for each individuals uniqueness and desire to seek help.

Responsibility – To hold you and ourselves accountable for actions, words, and behaviors to encourage and foster growth


OUR VISION is to...

Our vision is to help reach others through healing (by helping you find healing; we hope that you will then help others to heal as well.)